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I'm having issues compiling Tor after modifying it a bit.

In a file called control.c, I added code that refers to a struct called rend_service_t (which is located in rendservice.h). I included rendservice.h to the top of control.c, as it wasn't including it previously.

If I try using the Makefile included, I get this error:

control.c:2841: error: 'rend_service_t' undeclared (first use in this function)

I'm guessing that rendservice.c isn't getting included or isn't getting compiled first, so I check the directory and there isn't an object file for rendservice. I'm a bit confused by this since it is clearly being included. What is causing this to happen?

I also tried editing the Makefile.am/.in so that rendservice.c/h comes before control.c/h, but it doesn't make any difference.

In control.c:

#include "rendservice.h"
static int
handle_control_addservice(control_connection_t *conn, uint32_t len,
                             const char *body)
  smartlist_t *args;
  rend_service_t *service;

In rendservice.c:

/** Represents a single hidden service running at this OP. */
typedef struct rend_service_t {
  /* Fields specified in config file */
  char *directory; /**< where in the filesystem it stores it */
  smartlist_t *ports; /**< List of rend_service_port_config_t */
  rend_auth_type_t auth_type; /**< Client authorization type or 0 if no client
                               * authorization is performed. */
  smartlist_t *clients; /**< List of rend_authorized_client_t's of
                         * clients that may access our service. Can be NULL
                         * if no client authorization is performed. */
  /* Other fields */
  crypto_pk_env_t *private_key; /**< Permanent hidden-service key. */
  char service_id[REND_SERVICE_ID_LEN_BASE32+1]; /**< Onion address without
                                                  * '.onion' */
  char pk_digest[DIGEST_LEN]; /**< Hash of permanent hidden-service key. */
  smartlist_t *intro_nodes; /**< List of rend_intro_point_t's we have,
                             * or are trying to establish. */
  time_t intro_period_started; /**< Start of the current period to build
                                * introduction points. */
  int n_intro_circuits_launched; /**< Count of intro circuits we have
                                  * established in this period. */
  rend_service_descriptor_t *desc; /**< Current hidden service descriptor. */
  time_t desc_is_dirty; /**< Time at which changes to the hidden service
                         * descriptor content occurred, or 0 if it's
                         * up-to-date. */
  time_t next_upload_time; /**< Scheduled next hidden service descriptor
                            * upload time. */
  /** Map from digests of Diffie-Hellman values INTRODUCE2 to time_t of when
   * they were received; used to prevent replays. */
  digestmap_t *accepted_intros;
  /** Time at which we last removed expired values from accepted_intros. */
  time_t last_cleaned_accepted_intros;
} rend_service_t;
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Post your code. –  Jim Balter Jul 18 '12 at 2:17
Can you show the code how rend_service_t is declared? And the code that uses rend_service_t? –  Marlon Jul 18 '12 at 2:17

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rend_service_t is a structure that's private to rendservice.c - it doesn't appear to be intended for use outside that .c file, and it's not declared in rendservice.h. (See the version of rendservice.c that I;m looking at here: https://doxygen.torproject.org/rendservice_8c_source.html).

So this isn't a header inclusion problem - the structure isn't delcared in the header at all.

You should ask a question about what you what you intended to use struct rend_service_t for.

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Is it possible just to 'publicize' the struct? Or should I just write the function in rendservice.c and rendservice.h and call it from control.c? –  Ralph Wiggum Jul 18 '12 at 2:25
@Kevin: I'm not at all familiar with the code base. You could probably move the structure into some header that's used by both source files, but I suspect that there would be more refactoring involved. It looks like many of the functions that deal with the structure are marked static in rendservice.c, so I'd guess that you'd at least need to make some or all of those externally accessible. Also, the rend_service_t structure may aggregate several other structures that need similar treatment... –  Michael Burr Jul 18 '12 at 18:01

Your file control.c is being compiled and is generating a compile error. Doesn't matter whether rendservice.c is compiled before or after. All the compiler looks at is control.c and any headers it pulls in.

Probably the definition of rend_service_t is inside an ifdef section and so the compiler is skipping it. Likely you need to #define REND_SERVICE or something similar... Have a look in rendservice.h and see if the read_service_t definition is inside an ifdef block.

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I checked for any ifndefs/ifdefs, and the only one that exists is to prevent including the header twice, #ifndef _TOR_RENDSERVICE_H... #define _TOR_RENDSERVICE_H etc –  Ralph Wiggum Jul 18 '12 at 2:22

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