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I have an eclipse rcp application. This application will try to load class files from a directory outside the application. However I always get an error of ClassNotFoundException. Do you have any ideas how class loading works in eclipse rcp?

Basically the use case is

  1. Read an xml file - done
  2. Put those xml data in Navigator - done
  3. When user clicks on data in navigator, locate the class in a directory and try to load it - classnotfoundexception

I created a test java project and i added the external class library and it can locate those successfully. However if i intergrate it in eclipse rcp, it throws that error.

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Eclipse RCP applications use the OSGi class loading support to find the class loader associated with the OSGi bundles (plugins) in your application. If you want to load a class from somewhere, then you need to make a ClassLoader that can load a class from a directory (perhaps use the URLClassLoader). So you will need to create one of these and use it to load the class from the desired location.

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Thanks. I was using the old ClassLoader, should have used URLClassLoader. – jantox Jul 18 '12 at 6:07
Problem now is that when using the code below, there is no annotation present. The class im loading is just a JUnit4 TestSuite. URL classUrl; classUrl = testSuiteDir.toURI().toURL(); URL[] classUrls = { classUrl }; URLClassLoader ucl = new URLClassLoader(classUrls); Class<?> cls = ucl.loadClass(clazz.getClassName()); if (cls.isAnnotationPresent(SuiteClasses.class)) { System.out.println("true"); } else { System.out.println("false"); } – jantox Jul 18 '12 at 6:38

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