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Given this json response:

        "diccioDatosForm": {
            "errorMessage": "Verifique los datos invalidos ingresados...",
            "encargadoLocalidad": "Ingrese un valor",
            "responseStatus": "ERR",
            "segundoNombre": "OK",
            "encargadoProvincia": "Ingrese un valor"
        "listaEncargados": []

I need to access the elements of the key 'diccioDatosForm'. When I print the json with an alert (alert(responseData)), I get:

[object Object],[object Object]

and I don't get anything when trying to do this:

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what's the method you used to get this response? – fengd Jul 18 '12 at 2:51
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Like this:


responseData itself is an array contains of 2 elements

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Your responseData object is an array with objects within. As a result you must use an index when referencing the internal objects.

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It looks like you're trying to find the value of a parameter that's in an object that's the first element of an array in your JSON. In plain Javascript, that means:

var data = [{"diccioDatosForm": {"errorMessage": /* ... */]

// grab diccioDatosForm from first array element:
var diccioDatosForm = data[0].diccioDatosForm;
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It is because you are alerting the array that is being returned. To access the field you want, you should do:


I know that what I will say is not part of your question, but I suggest that you review your JSON structure, because its strange to have an array of two different things.

I would use something like this:

    "configs": {
        "segundoNombre": "OK",
        "encargadoProvincia": "Ingrese un valor",
        "encargadoLocalidad": "Ingrese un valor"
    "error": {
        "message": "Verifique los datos invalidos ingresados..."
    "itens": []   // "encargados" list here

Doing this you will have standard to use through yout application. To acess the message error you could do:

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