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I am new to Qt.

I am doing a project using Qt Creator. In my project, I have one mainWindow. From the main window I start 4 screens (one after another, showing Initialization process). A new QDialog screen is opened, if there are any errors on any screen. My error screens have two Button (Retry, Continue). If i press Retry, i have to restart the initialization process over again. eg;

void ErrorScreen1::on_Retry_pressed()
    Screen1 *scrn = new Screen1(this); 

In above example, it restarts the process.

Is there any way, I can start the initialization process from the point it was left?

Thanks in advance,

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I resolved this issue by using QMessageBox as my error window.

It allowed me to start my process from the point i left.

void Screen1::ErrorMessage()

    QMessageBox *msgbox = new QMessageBox(this);
    msgbox->setWindowTitle("ERROR MESSAGE");
    msgbox->setText("Initialization Failed.");
    msgbox->setStandardButtons(QMessageBox::Cancel | QMessageBox::Retry);

    int ret = msgbox->exec();

    switch (ret)
        case QMessageBox::Retry: timer->start(); break;

        case QMessageBox::Cancel:

        default: break;

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Have you considered making those four dialogs into a wizard with four steps? The next button could work for the continue, and you could have a retry button on each page that it makes sense, with just that page doing the retry logic necessary.

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Thanks Caleb, I have 4 screens having initialization process with its 4 error screen. Error screen have 2 pushbutton "RETRY" & "Continue". I wish that if RETRY is pressed it should start from the state it was left. Yes, i tried making 4 wizards but again i did'nt get any perfect logic to do so. –  skg Jul 18 '12 at 23:49

In common you should somehow keep the current state of your process and then you can restore it.

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Thanks hank, It means i need to use flag to monitor the status. I was wondering, if Qt has some inbuilt logic for doing so. Thanks –  skg Jul 18 '12 at 6:39

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