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this question on google authentication when i try to run below code page successfully load but when i'am click button of login with Google then at debugging display error on this line.

Error at


on line

Var fetchResponse = Response.GetExtension<FetchResponse>()

So what's Problem in this line..i try to search on this problem but i does not get it that solution

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        OpenIdRelyingParty rp = new OpenIdRelyingParty();
        var r = rp.GetResponse();
        if (r != null)
            switch (r.Status)
                case AuthenticationStatus.Authenticated:
                    NotLoggedIn.Visible = false;
                    Session["GoogleIdentifier"] = r.ClaimedIdentifier.ToString();
                    Response.Redirect("Default4.aspx"); //redirect to main page of your website  
                    var fetchResponse = Response.GetExtension<FetchResponse>();
                    Session["FetchResponse"] = fetchResponse;
                    var response2 = Session["FetchResponse"] as FetchResponse;
                    // Use FormsAuthentication to tell ASP.NET that the user is now logged in,
                    // with the OpenID Claimed Identifier as their username.
                    string uname = response2.GetAttributeValue(WellKnownAttributes.Name.First) ?? "Guest";
                    FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(uname, false);   //(response.ClaimedIdentifier, false);

                case AuthenticationStatus.Canceled:
                    lblAlertMsg.Text = "Cancelled.";

                case AuthenticationStatus.Failed:
                    lblAlertMsg.Text = "Login Failed.";

    protected void OpenLogin_Click(object src, CommandEventArgs e)
        string discoveryUri = e.CommandArgument.ToString();
        OpenIdRelyingParty openid = new OpenIdRelyingParty();
        var b = new UriBuilder(Request.Url) { Query = "" };
        //var req = openid.CreateRequest(discoveryUri, b.Uri, b.Uri);

        //var req = openid.CreateRequest(discoveryUri, b.Uri, b.Uri);
        var req = openid.CreateRequest(discoveryUri);

        // This is where you would add any OpenID extensions you wanted
        // to include in the authentication request. In this case, we are making use of OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0
        // to fetch additional data fields from the OpenID Provider
        var fetchRequest = new FetchRequest();


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It should be

var fetchResponse = r.GetExtension<FetchResponse>();

instead of

var fetchResponse = Response.GetExtension<FetchResponse>();
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