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I am writing a facebook app by using ruby and rails. I will need Facebook connect and login, share, and timeline integration (posting on user's behalf). Is there any tutorial/guide or gem that you recommend.

Thank you Cheers

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Koala is a gem that interacts with Facebook's Graph API and can handle Facebook OAuth as well.

Koala has some good examples on Github, but if you like Ryan Bates covers Koala and Facebook's Graph API in Railscasts Pro #361 and #363. Both are paid episodes.

Omniauth is a great gem for handling many different OAuth providers, including Facebook. Ryan Bates covers it in several episodes.

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Thank you!Episode 360 was also very helpful for facebook authentication using omniauth-facebook gem – Game.On Jul 21 '12 at 22:36

I can recommend 3 gems for facebook authentication and login. Implementing them would be quite complex. For basic authentication you can use devise, then for facebook login, you can integrate omniauth with the omniauth-facebook gem into devise:

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