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I am using the fittext JS plugin to resize my headings on a page I am working on. For some reason it only kicks in if/once you adjust your window size, I cant seem to figure out why it is doing this.

Anyone have any ideas? Here is a link:


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i'm having the same problem. Did you handle the problem? – Cihad Turhan Jul 26 '12 at 19:43
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Your link is down so I can't actually see what the problem is. Fittext should resize immediately and then update on resize:

  // Resizer() resizes items based on the object width divided by the compressor * 10
  var resizer = function () {
    $this.css('font-size', Math.max(Math.min($this.width() / (compressor*10), parseFloat(settings.maxFontSize)), parseFloat(settings.minFontSize)));

  // Call once to set.

  // Call on resize. Opera debounces their resize by default. 
  $(window).on('resize', resizer);

Are you waiting until the DOM is loaded before you use the plug-in?

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Sorry server seems to be having an issue it should be up soon. Can you explain how I should be loading the DOM? Not sure exactly what you mean. Thanks a bunch in advance. – matt Jul 18 '12 at 5:40
Sites back up now if that helps :) Thanks in advance. – matt Jul 18 '12 at 15:52
So it seems to be working, but im having problems setting the font sizes, I want the font slightly bigger then its displaying now, but still im not 100% its working properly. – matt Jul 19 '12 at 4:45

For those who are still having the issue, this fix works for me

Replace this code inside jquery.fittext.js

// Call once to set.

With this code,

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I just ran into a similar problem that was driving me nuts. The element holding my text could not shrink within it's container because the max font size was too large, so I start it off with the width of the parent container. Then I just use the fittext algorithm once after initializing to get it loading properly and it seems to solve the issue.

$("#hero").find('h1').fitText(.65, { maxFontSize: '142px' });

    startSize = Math.max(Math.min($('#hero').width() / (compressor.*10)));
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