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So I have a hidden field on my form which contains a URL (EG - http://www.domain.com?asset=)

What I need to do is on form submit extract the value from a checkbox and append it to the value in my hidden form so that the result will look something like:


Thanks in advance!

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api.jquery.com/val -- .val() can be used to get/set the value of an input element. Give it a try :) –  nbrooks Jul 18 '12 at 4:10

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var url = 'http://www.domain.com?asset=',
    jq_checkbox = $('input#my-check-box'), // suppose id of your checkbox is my-check-box
    jq_hidden = $("input#my-hidden-field"), // and id of your hidden field is my-hidden-field
    jq_form = $('form#my-form') // and id of your form is my-form
            jq_hidden.val(url + jq_checkbox.val());
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$("hiddenfield").val($("hiddenfield").val() + "123abc");
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Simple call this function on form submir or click event you want you get your desired output here i check output by alert

function check(){

    var checkbox=   $("#checkbox").val();
    var hidden_val= $("#url").val()+checkbox;



checkbox is checkbox ID url is hideen item ID

hope it will help you

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