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I'm wondering if there is a simple way to get an ID list of all the target objects relating to a source object in a coldfusion component using ORM?

I can see that you can do a collection mapping for one-to-many relationships, but I am using many-to-many relationships. I don't want to have to get the array of objects and then loop over it to get each id.

Is there any built in function or property that could do this?

I think something like the code sample below is a little too heavy since it is getting the whole query and then getting a single column from it.

valuelist(  EntityToQuery( object.getRelationalFields() ).id  )
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I think ORMExecuteQuery may work for you, something like this:

result = ORMExecuteQuery("select id from Model as m where m.parent.id = :id", {id = 123});

Actual clause format depends on the relationship definition.

In a result you'll have the array of model PKs.

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Sometimes it doesn't make sense to use ORM, and this is the time. Use the good old <cfquery> for this!

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