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My question is in two parts, I guess that makes it two questions :-).

I have a strong interest in beginning to develop Android applications. I have some knowledge of programming HTML and CSS but no other languages. My research has yielded many folks indicating knowledge of Java is a must-have in order to develop complex apps.

My first question is: should I start with learning Java or use a Java book as a reference guide? If learning Java is the way I should go (I am not looking to shortcut this process) what books can you recommend that would provide exercises to assist?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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What's the second question? –  dda Jul 18 '12 at 4:19
This is probably a good question programmers.stackexchange.com Please search in SO for Book reco stackoverflow.com/search?q=Java+book –  Nishant Jul 18 '12 at 4:20
The second part was going to be - Even after gaining some Java knowledge I think I may be in over my head with the app I have in mind. I am pretty confident this is going to be require SQL scripts, as well. I have read some developers will do dev work for cash+a percentage of profits. Is this something that is common place and if so what is the best way to find a qualified, freelance dev? –  user1533564 Jul 18 '12 at 4:28

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First of all, if you have any prior strong concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (in C++) so no need to learn JAVA seperately as its almost the same except some concepts.

If you dont have any Object Oriented concepts first read this book - Learn JAVA for Android Development.

After going through this book, I would recommend "Begining Android Application Development (2011)"

These two books will give you a great start.

Hope this helps. Cheers! :)

P.S: You can go for Lynda tutorials on Android development with JAVA.

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1. If You want to develop apps in Android, a good Knowledge of Core Java is Necessary.

Android = JAVA - (Swing + AWT)

So no need to go for the GUI part of Core Java, if Android is on your mind.

2. For learning Java, the best quick and fun learning guide is Head First Java by Master Instructor Kathy Sierra and Berth Bates.

3. If you want to go for the Deployment of Android to various devices, then you will need to learn C and C++.

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If you have HTML/CSS knowledge, look into frameworks like Phonegap, which don't require knowledge of Java. You can make pretty nifty apps with it, AND, if you're interested in learning Java, you can develop plugins for Phonegap in Java, (and look at existing plugins), making the learning process easier.

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Learn Java first.

I suggest picking up any beginner Java books by Savitch. He writes well.

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