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I was learning HTML from a book and a noticed an example,

<del datetime="20040329">fluffy kitten</del>

What does datetime mean and what does it do?

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A deleted text, with a date and time of when the text was deleted:

<p>My favorite color is <del datetime="2009-01-08T22:55:03Z">blue</del>

more info http://reference.sitepoint.com/html/del/datetime


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Hey who is downvote me Where am i wrong tell me ?......... –  Rohit Azad Jul 18 '12 at 5:15

The datetime attribute specifies the date and time when the text was deleted.

This links may help you



<p>My favorite color is <del datetime="2009-01-08T22:55:03Z">blue</del>


enter image description here

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The del element represents a range of text that has been deleted from a document.

datetime - The date and time when the text was deleted. A valid date-time as defined in [RFC 3339], with these additional qualifications:

  • the literal letters T and Z in the date/time syntax must always be uppercase
  • the date-fullyear production is instead defined as four or more digits representing a number greater than 0
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It shows when some text was deleted, reference. The deleted text is crossed out.

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The datetime attribute specifies the date and time when the text was deleted. It no visual effect in ordinary web browsers, Syntax

<del datetime="YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD">
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