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I have searched all over for this. In Delphi/Lazarus, given a position, I want to find the character at that position in a different string. I know how to find the position of a character. I need it the other way around: the character at a given position. Thanks in advance.

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In Delphi, a character in the string can be indexed using the array notation. Just note that first character in string has an index of one.

  s: string;
  c: char;
  s := 'Hello';
  c := s[1]; //H
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A string can be accessed like an array.

MyString[12] gives you the 12th character in the string. Note : This is 1-index (because the 0th position used to hold the length of the string)

Example :

  MyString : String;
  MyChar : Char;
  MyString := 'This is a test';
  MyChar := MyString[4]; //MyChar is 's'
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