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I use YQL:js for getting data.

I do in https://developer.yahoo.com/yql/console/:

select * from twitter.friends where id='some_not_private_account'

It works perfect. It returns friends list. Now I do the same with a private account:

select * from twitter.friends where id='some_private_account' and 
oauth_consumer_key='some_key' and 
oauth_consumer_secret='some_secret' and 
oauth_token='some_token' and 

There are not any error in debug but result section is empty. Why? What I'm doing wrong?

#Update 1:

Here is the xml answer with debug and diagnostics options:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<query xmlns:yahoo="http://www.yahooapis.com/v1/base.rng"
    yahoo:count="0" yahoo:created="2012-07-22T13:09:23Z" yahoo:lang="en-US">
        <url execution-start-time="361" execution-stop-time="363"
            execution-time="2" proxy="DEFAULT"><![CDATA[http://www.datatables.org/twitter/twitter.friends.xml]]></url>
        <url execution-start-time="367" execution-stop-time="849"
            execution-time="482" proxy="DEFAULT"><![CDATA[http://zachgrav.es/twitter/yql/oauth.utils.js]]></url>
        <url execution-start-time="850" execution-stop-time="909"
            execution-time="59" proxy="DEFAULT"><![CDATA[http://oauth.googlecode.com/svn/code/javascript/oauth.js]]></url>
        <url execution-start-time="912" execution-stop-time="943"
            execution-time="31" proxy="DEFAULT"><![CDATA[http://oauth.googlecode.com/svn/code/javascript/sha1.js]]></url>
        <url execution-start-time="965" execution-stop-time="1253"
            execution-time="288" proxy="DEFAULT"><![CDATA[http://api.twitter.com/1/friends/ids/some_private_account.xml]]></url>
        <javascript execution-time="888" instructions-used="1032031" table-name="twitter.friends"/>

Update 2:


enter image description here

Update 3: My query

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Can you add debug=true&diagnostics=true to the YQL console URL and paste the diagnostics logs? That should help. The reason I ask is I want to make sure you are not hitting the rate limit or not. – Karan Ashar Jul 20 '12 at 20:56
@Karan Ashar thanks for your comment. I updated my post above – Anthony Jul 22 '12 at 13:15
Thanks Anthony, I get different logs when I have debug=true.<url execution-start-time="343" execution-stop-time="448" execution-time="105" http-status-code="400" http-status-message="Bad Request" id="999f49d8-714a-4962-b225-849f279d83c8" proxy="DEFAULT"><![CDATA[api.twitter.com/1/friends/ids/JoeyBats19.xml]]></url>;. The above is a part of the diagnostics with debug=true (Ignore the bad request). Notice the id="999f49d8-714a-4962-b225-849f279d83c8". The id is a clickable url which gives us the logging dump from the API. I hope I made sense here :) – Karan Ashar Jul 23 '12 at 17:42
@Karan Ashar I don't get any id. How did you get it? I tried it for my twitter account api.twitter.com/1/friends/ids/scranthony.xml – Anthony Jul 23 '12 at 21:10
Refer to the YQL documentation here. Follow the steps there. Make sure in the YQL console URL, you have debug=true – Karan Ashar Jul 24 '12 at 1:17

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