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What I'm trying to achieve is simple. I've seen plugins do this, but I don't wanna use a plugin.

I have two images in anchors. a#fade1 I want to load in, and then show for 3s and then fadeout. Then a#fade2 I want to fade in after a#fade1 and show for 3s and then fade out while repeating the process.

However when I set a#fade2 to 900 it fades in at the speed the others fadeOut at 450ms. So can anybody help me with this, and also explain why what I just mentioned doesn't work?

Here's my code.

$('a#fade1, a#fade2').hide();

$('div#fadetransitions').ready(function() {
    return false;
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You can do that :

$('a#fade1, a#fade2').hide();

function show1() {
    $('a#fade1').fadeIn(450).delay(3000).fadeOut(450, function(){show2();});

function show2() {
    $('a#fade2').fadeIn(450).delay(3000).fadeOut(450, function(){show1();});

$().ready(function() {
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Thanks for the help – Michael Schwartz Jul 18 '12 at 6:22

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