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When creating a new domain for Weblogic Portal, the following datasources are created by default for use by the Weblogic Server (including the Name and JNDI Names).

For Example:

I am sure the p13nDataSource is accessed by the SQLAuthenticator Authentication Provider for performing DBMS authentication.

NAME                        JNDI NAME 

cgDataSource                cgDataSource
cgDataSource-nonXA          cgDataSource-nonXA
p13nDataSource              p13n.trackingDataSource p13n.sequencerDataSource cm.sequencerDataSource p13n.leasemanager p13n.dataSyncDataSource p13n.entitlementsDataSource p13n.quiescenceDataSource p13n.credentialsDataSource
portalDataSource            weblogic.jdbc.jts.commercePool contentDataSource contentVersioningDataSource portalFrameworkPool
portalDataSourceAlwaysXA    portalDataSourceAlwaysXA
portalDataSourceNeverXA     portalFrameworkPoolNeverXA


I understand the difference between XA and Non-XA, but does anyone have any information or descriptions regarding what each of the other data sources are used for?

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The Default JDBC Configuration for the Basic WebLogic Platform Domain docs on Oracle documentation provides you some insight. Unfortunately, these docs are for version 8.1 (I haven't found the 10.3 version of it), but a lot of them remain true for 10.3.

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