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Currently in LWUIT, I can use Calendar. But I can't add the notes on particular dates.

How to create the custom Calendar in LWUIT? Because I need to show the birthday notes on LWUIT Calendar and want to show the birthday notes when user select that particular dates. See this sample image,

enter image description here

Is this possible to create like above sample Calendar in LWUIT?

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You can derive Calendar and override:

protected void updateButtonDayDate(Button dayButton, int currentMonth, int day);

Here you can effectively customize the button in any way you choose starting by setting a UIID or anything like that.

If you want to add basic features to the button via inheritance you can override:

protected Button createDay();
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@ Shai, I have done it based on your idea. Thanks. – bharath Jul 22 '12 at 15:46

You can modify calendar's all the things in themes / designer, including color, font etc.

enter image description here

Just add appropriate component..

Thanks, Akash

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