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I have the following code:

this.Object.GetType().GetProperty(this.PropertyName).GetValue(this.Object, null);

PropertyName is a string, containing the name of the property I want to get. This works fine for "normal" properties, but I can't get the "Canvas.LeftProperty" or "Canvas.TopProperty".

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks, Chris

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I think this is because Canvas.Left is attached property and to retrieve them try this:

private DependencyProperty GetAttachedProperty(DependencyObject obj, string propertyName, Type ownerType)

    foreach (PropertyDescriptor pd in TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(obj,
        new Attribute[] { new PropertyFilterAttribute(PropertyFilterOptions.All) }))
        DependencyPropertyDescriptor dpd =

        if (dpd != null && dpd.IsAttached)
            if (string.Compare(dpd.DependencyProperty.Name, propertyName, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase) == 0 && dpd.DependencyProperty.OwnerType == ownerType)
                return dpd.DependencyProperty;

    return null;


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Working now for me, thank you! :) – chris6523 Jul 18 '12 at 8:43

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