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Am i using wordwrap right? cause its not working. didn't know that simply echo does wrap text..

<p><?php echo wordwrap(ucfirst($row->description), 10);?></p>
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By default, wordwrap inserts ASCII linebreaks (\n). When you want to visually display those linebreaks in HTML use the third parameter of wordwrap and specify <br />.

<p><?php echo wordwrap(ucfirst($row->description), 10, '<br />');?></p>
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You can read documentation on all native functions on

In you case, you did not supply a third parameters so it defaults to "\n" (newline) which you will only see in your source code. You probably want "<br />\n" as your third parameter.

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if you want to truncate the description, you can use mb_substr()

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