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I installed gcc 4.3.4 fine one fedora16 but my problem is to run ada program got error Ada compiler not installed on this system. I think it crashes because of installed old version of gcc on gcc 4.6.3. How to overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance

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gcc -c a.adb calls the gnat1 internal executable (cc1 analogue for ADA). That does not come installed by default with GCC on most distributions. – Ciro Santilli 六四事件 法轮功 包卓轩 Aug 4 at 12:31

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It is absolutely no problem to install multiple version of gcc. The problem is that the Ada compiler gnat depends on a specific gcc, e.g., gnat-4.x depends on gcc-4.x-

The file /usr/bin/gcc should be a symlink to the default gcc. Changing the symlink to the proper gcc (/usr/bin/gcc-4.6) can fix your problem. ^^^^^^^ proper gcc for gnat-4.6

If changing the symling does not work, reinstall (remove+install) the Ada compiler (gnat) again.

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