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I'm trying to find the height of an outer element called .content and apply that to an inner element blockquote minus 100px.


This produces the current result of 600px and sets them as the same height, but I don't know how to apply math to the final output. 600px - 100px. And then apply this math result as the .height of the blockquote, which should now be 500px.

Any help would be great

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Just try this:

$("blockquote").height($(".content").height() - 100);

$(".content").height() returns only numeric value, so you can subtract 100 from that and set result height to `blockquote.

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Thanks, I wasn't sure where to apply the value. Thanks! –  uriah Jul 18 '12 at 7:36
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all versions including old versions of jquery accross all navigators

var _height= parseInt($(".content").height()) - 100
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