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I have the following situation:

I rendered a symfony2-form into a modal (using bootstrap and jQuery). When the form is not valid, the error message should appear inside the modal box. I linked to the modal box like this: route/to/action#modal

How can I do that?

In my template, I have a simple link to a modal:

<a data-toggle="modal" href="#new">Add member</a>

This link opens a modal. Inside, there is a simple form with title, first_name and last_name:

{{ form_widget(form.title) }}
{{ form_widget(form.first_name) }}
{{ form_widget(form.last_name) }}

In the form class, I defined it like this:

        ->add('title', 'text', array('required' => false))

So, the title is optional and the first- and lastname are required. So I added those lines into my validation.yml:

        - NotBlank: { message: Please enter a first name }
        - NotBlank: { message: Please enter a last name }

And in my action (that is called when the form is submitted) I have the following lines:

 * Creates a new Member entity.
 * @Route("/create", name="acme_member_create")
 * @Method("post")
 * @Template("AcmeMemberBundle:Member:index.html.twig")
public function createAction()
    $member = new Member();
    $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getEntityManager();
    $request = $this->getRequest();
    $form = $this->createForm(new MemberType(), $member);

    if ($form->isValid()) {

        return $this->redirect($this->generateUrl('acme_member'));


    $entities = $em->getRepository('AcmeMemberBundle:Member')->findAll();

    return array(
        'entities' => $entities,
        'form'   => $form->createView()

So, when the for is not valid, I want to route back to my index.html.twig (where the modal is displayed).

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What have you tried? –  Besnik Jul 18 '12 at 7:34
I tried it with a simple validation.yml and error-messages. But when I route back to my template, the modal box disappears. –  Alex Kaserbacher Jul 18 '12 at 7:37
I want to see a bit of code! We not code for you but we can help you to get your code working –  Besnik Jul 18 '12 at 7:52
I updated my post! –  Alex Kaserbacher Jul 18 '12 at 8:07

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I found a solution!

With this JavaScript-Code, I can show the modal when the page is loaded:


So, I just execute this code if the form is not valid.

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