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I am building an app using codename one

I have a radiobutton with a very long text.

When i focus on this radio button , the text of that radio button starts scrolling.

What I wish to do is show all the text associated with the radiobutton on the screen.

So i tried radiotbutton.setUIID("TextArea");

But with this, only the appearance of the radiobutton changes. THe radio button's text does not spill over to multiple lines.

I want to show the radio button's text all at once (no matter how long it is) . How do i do it?

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MultiButton has a radio button mode but you need to know the number of lines in advance.

The solution to this is something like:

RadioButton r = new RadioButton();
Container c = new Container(new BoxLayout(new BoxLayout.X_AXIS));
TextArea radioText = new TextArea("Long text for radio button");

You can do this entire thing in the GUI builder which supports lead component as well.

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