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I am using the inputMask-tag of primefaces which adds the maskedinput-plugin of jQuery to my application.

I have a input field with this mask:


The user should be able to leave some characters empty (e.g. for a search-form)

I´ve found this post in stackoverflow. So i changed my mask to:


Here is a example-input: _ _ _ 123 (user just enters the last 3 digits)

If the user unfocuses the input-field the input field contains this value:


If he focuses the input-field again it contains this value:


Is there something i can do to make my example work?

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Just in case you still struggling I wrote similar plugin a while ago that masks fields and works fine with situation you described above. See example usage at:


Optional fields example you would be interested in is 23rd from the top if I counted correctly. I hope it will help someone.

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