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I used SafeHtmlUtils.htmlEscape(text) and I want to use opposite function. Could you tell me if in gwt there is function like unescapeHtml()

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If (and please only if) you can trust the text not to contain malicious content, you can use


String unescaped = new HTML(text).getText();
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If nothing has been done to do this trick (say some GWT project around), you can implement it in a JSNI method using javascript snip you can found here : [CSS/HTML/Js] Unescaping HTML in javascript

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I wanted something easy to unit test so I implemented 'htmlUnescape()' which reverses the effects of SafeHtmlUtils.htmlEscape() and SafeHtmlBuilder.appendEscapedLines(). They all exist in the 'shared' package and work fine in a JVM.

This utility class might be useful to you...

private static class Replacer {
    private final String target;
    private final String replacement;
    private final RegExp re;

    private Replacer(String target, String replacement) { = target;
        this.replacement = replacement;
        re = RegExp.compile(RegExp.quote(target), "g");

    public String process(String s) {
        if (s.contains(target)) return re.replace(s, replacement);
        return s;
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