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I wonder whether I am following a good design for following db tables.


  • Project_Proposal
  • Milestones_Proposal
  • Resources_Proposal
  • Project
  • Milestones_Project
  • Resources_Project

Both milestones tables have the same columns and both resource tables have the same columns.

My question is whether I should

  1. Merge Milestones_Proposal with Milestones_Project
  2. Merge Resources_Proposal with Resources_Project
  3. Create a column "TYPE" to identify if the data in these tables belong to either a project or a project proposal
  4. Define a foreign key in Milestones and Resources that either point to Project_Proposal or Project table depending on the "Type" value.

Design would be then like this:

  • Project_Proposal
  • Project
  • Milestones
  • Resources

Many thanks, Peter

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What is the difference between Project and Project_Proposal? – Damir Sudarevic Jul 18 '12 at 11:38

You have the same fields, but they "point" (through foreign keys) to different tables, so you can't just merge them into a single field. What you'll end-up with is a CHECK that allows one field or the other to contain a non-NULL value, based on the type field.

Which is perfectly fine in this simple case. You are essentially following the strategy #1 out of the 3 possible strategies for implementing inheritance.

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