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I use Dojo 1.3.1, essentially under FF3.5 for now.

I have a dnd source which is also a target. I programmatically add some nodes inside, by cloning template items. The aim for the user is then to use dnd to order the items. It is ok for one or two actions, then I got the "this.manager.nodes[i] is null" error in Firebug, then no more dnd action is taken into account.

My HTML (jsp), partial:

<div id="templates" style="display:none">
<div class="dojoDndItem action" id="${act.name}Template">
  <legend class="dojoDndHandle" >${act.name}</legend>
  <input id="${act.name}.${parm.code}." type="text" style="${parm.style}"

My Javascript for adding/removing dnd items nodes, partial :

function addActionFromTemplate(/* String */actionToCreate, /* Object */data) {
    // value of actionToCreate is template id
    var node = dojo.byId(actionToCreate + "Template");
    if (node) {
    	var actNode = node.cloneNode(true);

    	// make template id unique
    	actNode.id = dojo.dnd.getUniqueId();

    	// rename inputs (add the action nb at the end of id)
    	// and position dojo type (avoid double parsing)
    	dojo.query("input[type=text], select", actNode).forEach( function(input) {
    		input.id = input.id + actionsCount;
    		dojo.attr(input, "name", input.id);
    		dojo.attr(input, "dojoType", dojo.attr(input, "dojoTypeMod"));
    		dojo.removeAttr(input, "dojoTypeMod");

    	// insert the action at script's tail
    	actionList.insertNodes(true, [ actNode	]);


    	// prepare for next add

function deleteAction(node) {
    var cont = getContainerClass(node, "action");
    // remove the fieldset action

Thanks for help ...

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What you have looks ok. Are you calling sync() on the dojo.dnd.Source after you add/remove items? Can you post the HTML for your Source? – seth Jul 20 '09 at 16:18
Thanks for your comment, seth. Do you think calling sync() would be better? I thought that parsing was enough. The HTML source is huge: as I found out that doing "insertNodes(false..." seems to fix the pb, do you really need it ? – user140140 Jul 21 '09 at 9:10
If you are calling the Source methods directly, you don't need to call sync. If yoiu manipulate the DOM node under Source outside of source, then you should call the sync method. – seth Jul 21 '09 at 16:13
Thanks again, seth. – user140140 Jul 22 '09 at 6:39
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OK, it seems that, finally, simply using :

actionList.insertNodes(false, [ actNode  ]);

instead of

actionList.insertNodes(true, [ actNode  ]);

fixed the pb .

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