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I am trying to copy data from a flat file to a SQL table using SSIS. I have a Data Flow Task where I have created a Flat File Source pointing to the csv file and an OLE DB Destination pointing to the table I want the data in. The problem I am facing is when I run the package, I get only 2621 rows copied to the SQL destination table, where I have about 1,70,000 records in the csv. Not sure why this is happening.

Thanks in advance.

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This could be a number of things. This is what comes to mind:

  1. The connection string to your flat file is overwritten by a variable expression or a package configuration. Check SSIS -> Package configurations or the Expressions properties on your connection manager.
  2. The DataRowsToSkip property on your flat file connection manager is set to a value.
  3. The meta data definition of your flat file is incorrectly configured in your connection manager. See properties such as Format, Row delimiter, Column delimiter, etc. Use the preview function to see the output.
  4. The error output on your flat file source is set to Ignore failure, meaning that lines which SSIS cannot process (due to, e.g., incompatible data types) are ignored without warning.
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