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I want to determine the URL of a page in Javascript. Is this possible? How can I achieve this? Thank you very much

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See the window.location object.

Depending on whether you want the hash, query string etc there are many different properties available.

For instance, on this page;

window.location.hash: "#11537761";
window.location.host: "stackoverflow.com";
window.location.hostname: "stackoverflow.com";
window.location.href: "http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11537718/how-to-determine-the-page-url-at-run-time-in-javascript/11537761#11537761";
window.location.origin: "http://stackoverflow.com";
window.location.pathname: "/questions/11537718/how-to-determine-the-page-url-at-run-time-in-javascript/11537761";
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Thank you all! this was the answer I was looking for –  user1517150 Jul 27 '12 at 15:26

In JavaScript you have document.URL

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A quick google:

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