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I'm interested in using a static iframe instead of the dynamically one that is created by default.

  var frameInjected;
  function maybeInjectFrame(){
    if (!frameInjected) {
      frameInjected = true;
      var iframe = $doc.createElement($intern_36);
      iframe.src = $intern_37;
      iframe.id = $intern_1;
      iframe.style.cssText = $intern_38;
      iframe.tabIndex = -1;
      $stats && $stats({moduleName:$intern_1, sessionId:$sessionId, subSystem:$intern_2, evtGroup:$intern_8, millis:(new Date).getTime(), type:$intern_39});
      iframe.contentWindow.location.replace(base + initialHtml);
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Yes it is possible to customise GWT's JS generation. Research GWT linkers.

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I'm reading.... –  DevNull Jul 18 '12 at 10:57

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