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What is the best way to configure target platform to develop eclipse RCP application? Download 'pure' Eclipse and add only needed plugins in project or download Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers? And what is better solution to add plugins? Open Eclipse-TP and download from eclipse-marketplace or manually copy jars to appropriate folders?

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It depends on the set of plug-ins your RCP application depends on.

  • "RCP SDK" provides a minimal target platform, with source code.
  • "Platform SDK" provided more plug-ins, with source code. It includes more plug-ins than RCP SDK, without including the developer-oriented plug-ins of Eclipse IDEs. Unfortunately, this platform is not currently provided.
  • "Platform Runtime Binary" provides the same thing as Platform SDK -- without source code.

If you want to release on multiple platforms, also download the DeltaPack, which contains platform-specific resources for multiple platforms.

By the way, if you're adding the target platform to version control, use binary type for the following files in plugins/*/META-INF:

  • eclipse.inf -- line endings should be NL
  • MANIFEST.MF, ECLIPSE_.SF, and ECLIPSEF.SF (note the spelling) -- line endings should be CR/NL
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