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What is better way to do this: when user enters data in the form and submits form data is sending to some site. It is made in user edit page.

I need to call another action when user submits form.

Should I use before_edit filter or call it somehow in submit tag?

For example:

 def do
 //perform some sending actions

In my view:

    <div class="submit" >
  <%= submit_tag "Save", :class => "btn wide",  controller_do_path%></div>
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may be you can try this way

<%= submit_tag 'Create' %>
<%= submit_tag 'Preview', :name => 'test_button' %>

and then in your controller catch that name and apply everything you want:

def create
  @project = Project.new(params[:project])
  if params[:test_button] || !@project.save
    render "new"
    redirect_to project_path(@project), notice: "Successfully created project."

i do remember that there were R.Bates screencast about it

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Can you explain what you are doing, because I think you are doing something, that is not needed to me or i just don't understand it. I need to call function/action after user submit form.Thanks in advance. – skrypalyk Jul 18 '12 at 10:24
If a submit button has a name, it's name will be submitted along with the other form data if that button was clicked. So you can check in the create or update action, if that button was clicked and do something different than the normal action. But maybe, you just want to know how to process a submitted form? – iGEL Jul 18 '12 at 12:17

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