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I have a table which has 4 columns. Date login, date logout, time login, time logout.

How can I get the difference. I tried something like this;

SUM(TIMESTAMP(date_logout, time_logout) - TIMESTAMP(date_log, time_log))

However I'm getting a really really high number and I am unable to convert it to proper time. Any hints or clues? I didn't design the table btw :P

Thanks in advance!

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Can you add an example row so we can see the complete format of the columns? – Naltharial Jul 18 '12 at 9:28
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if you want the diff in secounds:

SUM(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(TIMESTAMP(date_logout, time_logout)) - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(TIMESTAMP(date_log, time_log)))

If you want the diff in days:

SUM(DATEDIFF(TIMESTAMP(date_logout, time_logout), TIMESTAMP(date_log, time_log)))

If you want the diff as HH:mm:ss

SUM(TIMEDIFF(TIMESTAMP(date_logout, time_logout), TIMESTAMP(date_log, time_log)))
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Perfect! You've saved me the trouble of having to convert it from seconds too! – Hassanin Ahmed Jul 19 '12 at 2:06

Subtract the two value by using TIMEDIFF FUNCTION.

TIMEDIFF(TIMESTAMP(date_logout, time_logout) ,TIMESTAMP(date_log, time_log) )
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Thank you! This is what I was looking for but I marked the other question cause it had extra bits which were really helpful. – Hassanin Ahmed Jul 19 '12 at 2:05
TIMEDIFF(TIMESTAMP(date_logout, time_logout) , TIMESTAMP(date_log, time_log)) 
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