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I'm using the Fogbugz API (v6.0) to submit new cases from some error reporting code.

I can't find the correct syntax to put line breaks in the case description field.

sample api call:

http://fogbugz.somesite.com/api.asp?token=b99n6u07v8qrsoqq4710ukogff5u18&cmd=new&sTitle=www.somesite.com|/ajaxRTF.asp|Permission denied&ixProject=209&ixArea=&sEvent=500 Page Error<linebreak>www.somesite.com<linebreak>Error Generated: 0x800A0046 Microsoft VBScript runtime /ajaxRTF.asp 582 -1 Permission denied&fScoutStopReporting=1&sPersonAssignedTo=Andrew Davies&sScoutDescription=www%2Ei%2Dleeds%2Enet%7C%2FajaxRTF%2Easp%7CPermission+denied

I want to have line breaks where <linebreak> is in the above code. So that when the case in viewed in FB browser it's properly formatted


500 Page Error


Error Generated: 0x800A0046 Microsoft VBScript runtime /ajaxRTF.asp 582 -1 Permission denied

Thanks in advance,


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Have you tried %0d%0a ? – Lasse V. Karlsen Jul 20 '09 at 14:19
Ah, brilliant - that worked! Thanks v. much – Andy Davies Jul 20 '09 at 14:27
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%0A represents the newline character URL encoded.

%0D%0A is carriage return/line feed, but the %0D is not necessary.

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