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How to check if a file is being referenced by any symlinks in the directory - I want to delete all the other files except the symlink and the refernced file. Is there any direct command to check or a work around to do so?

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If the symbolic link is in the same directory or in a well known one, that would be easy. Just check if no other file share the same inode ls -d1Li.

Otherwise, there is no direct way to know if a symbolic link exist to any given file. Even exploring all mounted file systems wouldn't be reliable, as the link might exist on a currently unmounted filesystem, or on a remote machine accessing the file remotely (NFS, CIFS and the likes).

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its in the same directory, and the file which is referred for e.g present -> 7.0 when the refered file is updated its present ->7.1(symlink to new file,removes link to the old one) in the same folder, i want to delete the old file which is no longer linked & and this happens frequently so need the clear up the space without deleting the required file...any suggestions on this?... –  user1534373 Jul 18 '12 at 12:14
@user1534373 Suggestion: stop using symbolic links. use hard links instead, and delete files for which the link count is < 2 –  William Pursell Jul 18 '12 at 14:54

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