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I am using a chained select-menu to guide the visitor trough some questions. This works like a charm, however, in the end the user has to click a button to send all values to a PHP-script. This also works without a problem, however, when the page reloads (because the button sends the form to the same page), all fields are hidden again and this is not what i want.

I would like the chained selection menu's to be shown when items in them are "selected" when the page reloads. Using PHP i simply test if a field was selected and add that status to the select-menu. But they remain hidden until you manually select everything again.

I think it's just a minor adjustment in the JS-part. But my limited knowledge of JS leaves me without a solution.


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Since the form submits to itself the values the user chose will be available in either $_GET or $_POST (depending on whether the action of your form is get or post).

The best approach would then be to use those values to set the selected attribute on the appropriate <option> node using something like this.

$selectedC1Value = '';
<? if isset($_POST['c1']) { ?>
    $selectedC1Value = $_POST['c1'];
<? } ?>

<select name="c1" id="c1" >
    <option value="" <? if ($selectedC1Value == '') { echo 'selected'; } ?>>
    <option value="age" <? if ($selectedC1Value == '') { echo 'selected'; } ?>>
    <option value="education" <? if ($selectedC1Value == '') { echo 'selected'; } ?>>
    <!-- etc -->

This would have to be repeated for each <select> in your <form>.

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Yes, I am using PHP to add "selected" to the option nodes. However, when the page refreshes (because of the form submit) the "selected" options are there, but they are not shown. – mat Jul 18 '12 at 19:57
In that case all you should have to do is refactor your JS to call the same method you're calling on change when the page loads. I changed your fiddle to show this with the first of the selectmenu widgets - jsfiddle.net/tj_vantoll/kLDcL. You have to do an explicit call of this sort on page load, selectmenu isn't going to run your change function automatically. – TJ VanToll Jul 18 '12 at 20:16
I've posted this question on multiple forums and tried (as a newbie to JS) for days. You helped me a lot! Thanks, i accepted the answer and upvoted. May i ask one more question? There is one more field that needs to be shown, i am trying as i am writing this post, but my mind is a blur right now. Could you see please check out: jsfiddle.net/kLDcL/1 Again thanks a lot! – mat Jul 18 '12 at 20:42
I think i solved it: jsfiddle.net/kLDcL/2 Thanks a lot, you saved me some headaches. – mat Jul 18 '12 at 20:52
One more small question.. I would like to show the button ONLY when select name="map[]" and select name="mapb[]" have been selected. Is that possible? – mat Jul 23 '12 at 15:28

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