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I have a few custom ticket fields defined in a global config inherited by all our Trac environments. Now I'd like to remove a few of them only for a single environment (but without having to un-inherit the global config which sets a lot more than just the custom fields). The perhaps obvious way

mycustomfield =

did not work. Is there any way?

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No, there's no limitation for inheritance in general. So you can't stop a configuration part from propagation, once it's inherited.

You could construct a slightly more fragmented inheritance instead of ditching inheritance to still reach your goal:


all the basic, common stuff

put reduced, common set of custom fields here


file = ../global_trac.ini

put full set of custom fields here


file = ../global_trac.ini


file = ../global_trac_with_custom_fields.ini
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Well, some options can just be overridden again with empty values but in this special case (and probably in others, e.g. ticket workflows) you can't un-create things that have been created in an inherited config. Not very nice, but this here works good enough. I created just a second trac-ticket-custom.ini without inheriting the global one and instead inherit both when I need them. –  Joey Jul 19 '12 at 7:57
Thanks for the formatting improvement. I knew it could be nicer, but not how to format it right-away. –  hasienda Jul 19 '12 at 22:23
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