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I just wondering in PHP i have seen people use both these cases..



just wondering of there is a actual difference in them or a coding standard/format to be used in boolean value ?

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No difference. If you want to follow the PSR-2 standard, they must be in lower case. – Federico Jul 18 '12 at 10:47
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There's no difference at all. From the docs:

To specify a boolean literal, use the keywords TRUE or FALSE. Both are case-insensitive.

According to PSR-2, as stated by both Laxus and Paul Bain in their comments, the standard is to write them in lower case.

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lowercase is generally considered a good practice, see the coloration of the lowercase on stackoverflow :)

And not related, but you should always use true first in the condition (true === $var), this is a good practice to avoid sneaky bugs when mistyping the condition, eg : $var = true

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