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I set up a Client Proxy class with RESTEasy:

 ResourceIF resource = ProxyFactory.create(resourceIF.class, PATH, clientExecutor);

When I invoke

 ClientResponse res = (ClientResponse) resource.getObject();

for which my interface looks like this:

 public Response getObject()

I get automatically a XML representation. How to set it to JSON? Is it just about declaring a new only JSON aware Interface?

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You have to add a MediaTypeInterceptor, something like this:

    ClientExecutor executor=ClientRequest.getDefaultExecutor();
    ResteasyProviderFactory factory=ResteasyProviderFactory.getInstance();
    InterceptorRegistry<ClientExecutionInterceptor> registry=factory.
    registry.register(new MediaTypeInterceptor("application/json"));
    ResourceIF resource = ProxyFactory.create(ResourceIF.class,PATH,executor,factory);
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