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My eclipse(juno 4.2, centos 5.6) doesn't connect to internet. At all. I have a proxy server setup.

I had a look at Eclipse can not connect to internet and at various other questions. So, at the moment, my eclipse.ini file looks like this:


I also tried setting proxy server values in the preferences(preferences/Network Connections) - set the HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS host, port & credentials. But none of the Active Provider settings(Manual, Native, Direct) work for me.

I've spent enough time on this to know that I need help. Badly. :P

So, here I am...help!!

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I was able to do this through the preferences UI, under the 'Network Connection' section. I had to set 'Active Provider' to 'Manual' & then provide proxy server details below that.

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This post (Eclipse Kepler not connecting to internet via proxy) suggests that you shouldn't set (or you should reset to blank) the SOCKS proxy for the network connection to actually work. Did you try this ?

EDIT : maybe I'm a tad late :) But it still could work for other people

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Yes, I tried leaving them blank, hoping eclipse would pick it up from the environment. But that did not work for me. –  Saurabh Aug 18 '14 at 14:37

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