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localStreams and remoteStreams both are of type “MediaStreamList”. localStreams contains “LocalMediaStream” objects

However, remoteStreams contains “MediaStream” objects

Why so difference?

When I use “localStreams” – it works for me:

localVideo.src = URL.createObjectURL(localStreams[0]);

But if I try to use “remoteStreams” – it doesn’t work:

remoteVideo.src = URL.createObjectURL(remoteStreams[0])

Blobs for “remoteStreams” and “localStreams” are looking same in style.

Why “remoteStreams” doesn’t work for me (in “onaddstream” event or directly) ???

remoteVideo.src = URL.createObjectURL(secondPeer.remoteStreams[0])

Live Demo:--- https://muazkh.appspot.com/?page=WebRTC

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LocalMediaStream is being replaced by the MediaStream interface.

On simpl.info/pc, try this from the console in Chrome Stable and Canary:

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It means that "remote streams attachment" is possible, Sam, for further forwarding? It failed all the time. Experiment shows that it is still failing: googledrive.com/host/0B6GWd_dUUTT8V1Fodm9WQldkb28/… ----- sorry for out of topic question. –  Muaz Khan May 25 '13 at 1:33

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