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I want to integrate CitrusPay (An indian payment gateway) in my opencart application. I have received a PHP integration kit but don't know where to start in opencart. Please let me know how to add Citruspay as a payment method.

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You can edit and modify these files:


You can see two folder default and other one you can place it in that other folder in that folder should have template/payments here you have put your .tpl file - PHP MVC.

Then take your admin:


Here you can see other payment file you have to place your admin controller file here, here you can put your admin view file /var/www/opencart/admin/view/template/payment then take your localhost/opencart/admin here you can see the extensions->payments here you can see the available payments and your file, you can install/uninstall from here

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The easiest way to integrate a new payment gateway is to take a look at a current opencart payment gateway that works in a similar fashion. The Paypal pro extension comes free with opencart, and while you will need to customise it to your needs it serves as a good base for your gateway. Of course, that works based on a CC field. If you're using a third party gateway page, something more along the lines of SagePay may be of use instead

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Thanks, thats a good place to start. However, im struggling to find all the related files foe SagePay in installation folder. Can you help? –  user1534520 Jul 18 '12 at 11:29
In the admin and catalog folders, find the "payment" folder in each of the subfolders. The sagepay files will be in those –  Jay Gilford Jul 19 '12 at 17:09
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