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I have a big xml file which i'm parsing using jscript. I have used the following code to load the xml

var xmlDoc = Sys.OleObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.6.0");
    xmlDoc.async = false;

    // Load xml data from a file

Now if i use the following code

var text = this.xmlDoc.selectSingleNode(xPath);
text = node.text;

the text variable holds the innertext of a perticular tag. But if I have tag like this

<Text>ABCD </Text>

then the node.text returns me only the value 'ABCD' i.e. it automatically trims the space. But I dont need to trim any trailling spaces. I need the text as it is. How can I achieve that?

Looking forward to your response

Thanks in Advance

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We can use node.firstChild.nodeValue with a null check on node.firstChild

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