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i am workign on a jboss-4.2.3.GA project. Its a old project but we cant upgrade to new server.

I am trying to use Arquillian for JPA..

We are using folliwng entry in pom for JPA


I am trying to configure Arquillian but i am getting some issue like nosuchmethod found or some time no default container set.

Anyone help me what container i need to set and any dependency settings ?

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Add the arquillian-bom to the dependencyManagement section of your pom, see the Getting Started Guide:

That will update the version of the dependencies the jbossas adapter has on arquillian core. Without it you will be running a mix of Core 1.0.1.Final and Core X (what ever the adapter happens to be compiled against currently which may or may not be compatible with the 1.0.1.Final Core artifacts).

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