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I have created a table using a 'AS SELECT' statement.


How do I make sure that updates on any of the table columns go onto TEST as well?

Or do I have to use a VIEW? (which I dont want to as there is a need of a trigger to be working on TEST)

Are any other options available other than using a VIEW ?

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You need to create a View. CREATE TABLE AS SELECT just make a copy of data at the moment of execution.

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Look into creating the table test as a materialized view. Triggers can be placed on these and there are various update options too.

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Depending on your database system you could use a Trigger to insert the values in the other table as well. That's if you need something like near-realtime syncronization. Or you might go for a daily/weekly/... batch synchronization.

As I am not so familiar with Oracle you should look at their documentation for a detailed description.

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