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I'm trying to make a simple login form.

The wordpress function is_user_logged_in() always returns false.

I don't want to use any pre-existing themes for wordpress, and I want to simply add wordpress functionality to an existing page.

I checked the cookies on my page with the form, and none are being set.

The wordpress install is located at:

The testings script is located at:


Solved this issue by going to wp admin panel, and changing the options. Settings>General Settings

Adjusted site Address to reflect the actual website location.

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Your script is running in a different web space to the WordPress install. To access the Wordpress functionality you'll need to be working on the site within the wordpress web space - ie the



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Is there anyway I can get around that? Or do I do it by 'including' a script in that directory? And if so, how? – Adola Jul 18 '12 at 12:11

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