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I am currently trying to read an Image from a MS Access database that has an OLE Object field and contains a valid bitmap (for test purposes, I created a image using MS Paint and saved it in 24bit bmp).

I am linking to this via DBGrid. In theory everything should work good and it should show the image, however I am getting a: "bitmap image not valid" error. I can understand if this is a JPEG and not .bmp, but that isn't the case. So my question is, what is wrong?

I dont necessarily have to use a DBImage, a normal TImage will also do just fine (might even be more preferable), but I'm not sure on how to assign a TImage to an OLE Object field in a MS Access Database. I Have tried, to no avail:

//Select photo from Image field  
Image1.Picture := ADOTable1['Image'];

I've read most of the articles, such as about.com etc, regarding this matter, but still don't get any good results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: This worked for me:

Add to USES clause : JPEG, ADODB, DB

function JpegStartsInBlob
 bS     : TADOBlobStream;
 buffer : Word;
 hx     : string;
 Result := -1;
 bS := TADOBlobStream.Create(PicField, bmRead);
 while (Result = -1) and
    (bS.Position + 1 < bS.Size) do
  bS.ReadBuffer(buffer, 1);
  hx:=IntToHex(buffer, 2);
  if hx = 'FF' then begin
  bS.ReadBuffer(buffer, 1);
  hx:=IntToHex(buffer, 2);
  if hx = 'D8' then Result := bS.Position - 2
  else if hx = 'FF' then
    bS.Position := bS.Position-1;

procedure TfrmOne.btnShowImageClick(Sender: TObject);
 bS : TADOBlobStream;
 Pic : TJPEGImage;

bS := TADOBlobStream.Create(table1.FieldByName('Photo') as TBlobField, bmRead);   
bS.Seek(JpegStartsInBlob(table1.FieldByName('Photo') as TBlobField),
Pic := TJPEGImage.Create;
frmOne.Image1.Picture.Graphic := Pic;
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what would return ADOTable1['Image'] ?

i don't like FieldVallues property u use, for you don't know the actual type and cannot control things using type checking. I guess you'd better use Data.DB.TDataSet.FieldByName The very type of TField object would hint you the kind of data it contains.

I don't know about Microsoft Jet (database engine of Excel and Access), but i think it stores raw BMP file data and some link to Paint application (or Gimp, or Photoshop, or whatever used to edit BMP) Kinf of TBlobField i think.

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/205635/en-us - this shows a snippet how to save file from OLE filed.

try to find a way to save field content into TFileStream.

Check that created file is really BMP file. After that save blob into TMemoryStream and TBitmap.LoadFromStream

consider Data.DB.TBlobField.SaveToStream, Data.DB.TField.AsBytes

One more snippet from docs - explore those classes if u can use them "Use TADOBlobStream to access or modify the value of a BLOB or memo field in an ADO dataset. BLOB fields are represented by TBlobField objects and descendants of TBlobField such as TGraphicField and TMemoField."

As resume:

1) get the type of data - ADOTable1.FieldByName.ClassName Read about it, which methods properties would allwo u to get the data 2) try to save the data into file and analyze what is it 3) try to save that data into stream and re-use for loading picture

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Well to be honest, I don't really have a clue what you are saying. When I use the code as said in my original question, I get an access violation. Is there something specific I need to do, since it really sounds like that is only what I have to do to assign the image to the database field. I can't think that is is that difficult? –  coder123 Jul 18 '12 at 16:11
If you want to be programmer - you have to have a clue. There is noe "image" it is what might some redneck from the field say. There is a certain data structure. And Delphi has tisown,, Acces has its own, OLe has its own, etc. You should pass and transform the data structures throught them. TButton is a button, TBitBtn is a button, TSpeedButton is a button... but those are different buttons. TBitmap, TImage, TGraphic - those all are pictures. But different pictures. So you should have train yourself to KNOW what-the-data-structure is behind each name. If you do not know it - you just throw –  Arioch 'The Jul 19 '12 at 10:09
random dice. Random access to memory is exactly access violation. You've got it. you are lucky you know it, it could be much worse: no visible error, but your program just destorys the database silently. To be programmer you should be curios like a cat and pedantic like an old man. At same time. You have to learn to find information and read it. Like told in SmartQuestionsFAQ. So start doing it step by step. I would not say you shhould learn assembler (though it helps, to catch compiler errors and not do slow stupid codes) But you should understand what is each data structure in each run step –  Arioch 'The Jul 19 '12 at 10:15
So take good book like Delphi Foundations. Take Delphi Help (it was rather good in Delphi 5, it is somewhat helpful in XE2, it was awful in D2006. No one knows of your version. But take it and about each term train urself to read what this data structure offers and what it expects from you. –  Arioch 'The Jul 19 '12 at 10:17
Then take above 1-2-3 steps and try to do them. One after another. It is like LEGO. Find matching cubes and connect them the way they can be connected. And make he whole construct small and rigid enough to not fall apart. Take step 1 and do it. –  Arioch 'The Jul 19 '12 at 10:18

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