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I'm building a patch using PCP, according to this tutorial:

I'v two MSI (extracted as Admin installs)

  1. (This is my target to update)
  2. (The latest one).

Above procedure worked without any problem and generates my .msp file, but of a big size (500+ MB) so I think, it is getting too much differences.

However, whenever I tried to install this patch, it shows Change/Repair Dialog, and if I use Change or Repair, in both cases it error

"Another version is already installed. You must first uninstall it in order to install this version."

I even changed the Product Code in the 2nd msi (in all tables), but it can't solve any problem.

Here is my patch code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Wix xmlns="">


        Description=  "Patch for build 225"
        Comments=     "Patch for build 225"
        Manufacturer= "Farrukh"

        AllowRemoval=     "yes"
        Description=      "Patch for build 225"
        ManufacturerName= "Farrukh"
        TargetProductName="My Product"
        Classification=   "Update"
        DisplayName=      "My Product"
    <Family DiskId="5000"
        <UpgradeImage  Id="ABD_353" SourceFile="D:\ABD\353\My_Product.msi" >
          <TargetImage Id="ABD_225" SourceFile="D:\ABD\225\My_Product.msi" Order="2" IgnoreMissingFiles="no" />

    <PatchSequence PatchFamily="ABDPatchFamily" 


As it is generating a big size .msp, should I use msp for such size or do major upgrade?

Any help would be really appreciate

Best regards

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And it is solved by using following command line to install the msp:

msiexec /p MyPatch.msp REINSTALLMODE=oums REINSTALL=ALL /qb

I haven't dig-out REINSTALLMODE=oums yet, but it is working at this time.

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