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I am trying to get run a native query to get a resultset in hibernate. I am able to get List from the query.

Query nativeQuery = manager.createNativeQuery("select name, country_cd from fresher");
List<Object[]> amount =  nativeQuery.getResultList()
for(Object[] e : amount)
     for(Object n : e)
          if(n != null)
               System.out.print(n + " \t " +  n.getClass());

The expected Result is : Joe, US

The Result of this is like :

class java.lang.String -- > Joe
class java.lang.Character -- > U

In the database, name (VARCHAR2(100)) and country_cd (CHAR(2 BYTE)) are defined in table fresher.

As per hibernate database types, the char(2byte) is taken as java.lang.Character

How can I retrieve the data of type char(2b) as String ?

Note : I cannot use a result class/entity since the results could be dynamic.

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possible duplicate of Hibernate native query - char(3) column – axtavt Jul 18 '12 at 12:13
Thanks axtavt! I modified the query as follows : 'select cast(country_cd as VARCHAR2(200)) as country_cd from fresher' – Geez Jul 18 '12 at 12:49

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