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I want to show the contacts stored in android mobile while typing text in a EditText box. I want to display the contacts below the EditText box like the messaging screen. I can retrieve the contacts using ContactsContract, but I don't know how to display like the messaging screen in Android. Does anybody know something about this?

My current code:

 Cursor cur = cr.query(ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI,
                    null, null, null, null);
 if (cur.getCount() > 0) {
    while (cur.moveToNext()) {
        String id = cur.getString(
        String name = cur.getString(

        if (Integer.parseInt(cur.getString(cur.getColumnIndex(ContactsContract.Contacts.HAS_PHONE_NUMBER))) > 0) {
            Cursor pCur = cr.query(Contacts.Phones.CONTENT_URI, null, 
                                   Contacts.Phones.PERSON_ID +" = ?", 
                                   new String[]{id}, null);
            int i=0;
            int pCount = pCur.getCount();    

            while (pCur.moveToNext()) {
                String phoneNum = pCur.getString(

            // Query phone here.  Covered next
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You need to use AutoCompleteTextView and use the contact names read from ContactsContract to populate the adapter. Code:

    String CONTACTS[] = null;
    Cursor contactsCursor  = getContentResolver().query(ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI, new String[]{Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME}, null, null, null);
        CONTACTS = new String[contactsCursor.getCount()];//(contactsCursor.getCount())];
        int i=0;
        while(contactsCursor.moveToNext()) {
            CONTACTS[i] = contactsCursor.getString(contactsCursor.getColumnIndex(Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME));
    ArrayAdapter<String> adapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(this,
            android.R.layout.simple_dropdown_item_1line, CONTACTS);
    AutoCompleteTextView textView = (AutoCompleteTextView)
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Hi aswin,i tried the code it wont dispalying the data in the autocompleteTextView. –  Manikandan Jul 19 '12 at 10:47
I had tried this code out, it works. You should use the example in the link I provided, and modify the code as shown in the answer. Tell me where you are deviating, I might be able to help you. –  Aswin Kumar Jul 19 '12 at 10:51
I retrieved the contacts and set it to the adapter. but it is not displaying.I want to display the name and the mobile numbers while entering value in a editText box as like the messaging screen. –  Manikandan Jul 19 '12 at 11:26

You have to use an AutoCompleteTextView and populate it with your contacts. DOC

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you can use your own class To store contact info , customize this class as per your requirement :-

public class History {
    private static final int VERSION = 1;
    private static final String FILENAME = "history.dat";

    private Context ctx;
    private ArrayList<String> list;

    public History( Context ctx ) {
        this.ctx = ctx;

    public ArrayAdapter<String> getArrayAdapter() {
        return new ArrayAdapter<String>( ctx, android.R.layout.simple_dropdown_item_1line, list );

    public void addUrl( String url ) {
        if (!list.contains( url )) list.add( url );

    public int size() {
        return list.size();

    public void read() {
        list = new ArrayList<String>();

        try {
            DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream( ctx.openFileInput( FILENAME ));

            dis.readInt(); // VERSION
            int n = dis.readInt();

            while (n-- > 0) list.add( dis.readUTF());
        catch (IOException e) {

    public void write() {
        try {
            DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream( ctx.openFileOutput( FILENAME, 0 ));

            dos.writeInt( VERSION );
            dos.writeInt( list.size());

            for (String url : list) dos.writeUTF( url );
        catch (IOException e) {

In your main class :

History  historyObject= new History(MainActivity.this)
while (cursor.moveNext()) {

Use auto complete textbox instead Edit Text


Hope it will help you :)

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