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I have a string of printer escape sequences (ESC/P) that I need to send to a printer (either USB or network) on Mac OS X. How can I do that? Is using CUPS directly the best way? Is there a "higher level" way?

And before you ask: I really do need to send escape sequences and can't simply use the high-level printing system.

Edit: These are some projects and resources that provide similar functionality in other languages like Java:

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How do you know you need escape sequence? Are you working around a bug in the Epson driver? –  NoBugs Aug 8 '12 at 21:02
More or less. It's a client requirement and unfortunately I can't go into any more details. –  Johannes Fahrenkrug Aug 9 '12 at 6:25

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I would imagine that the best way to do this would be to just use CUPS/lp:

echo "ctrl_char" | cat file_to_print - | lp [...flags...]
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Thank you, but unfortunately it's not that easy: we don't need to simply print files. The escape sequences the we want to send to the printer include all the (image) data that needs to be printed. –  Johannes Fahrenkrug Aug 9 '12 at 6:28
Also, I'd like to use a Cocoa/Foundation/C API without calling an external CLI command. If possible :) –  Johannes Fahrenkrug Aug 9 '12 at 10:21

You can send the control characters in C using unix system calls:

char escp_seq[BYTES_FOR_SEQUENCE];

// ...initialize the ESC/P sequence.

int printer_fd = open("/dev/lp0", O_WRONLY);
ssize_t bytes_written = write(printer_fd, escp_seq, sizeof(escp_seq));

As for the printable data itself, you can use Core Printing.

Using this library, you can use a either

OSStatus PMPrinterPrintWithProvider (
   PMPrinter printer,
   PMPrintSettings settings,
   PMPageFormat format,
   CFStringRef mimeType,
   CGDataProviderRef provider

which would require you to construct a CGDataProviderRef with your data.

Alternatively, you could use a file:

OSStatus PMPrinterPrintWithFile (
   PMPrinter printer,
   PMPrintSettings settings,
   PMPageFormat format,
   CFStringRef mimeType,
   CFURLRef fileURL

I apologize for not being able to give a concrete code example, but I really am not sure how you intend to construct the data that you wish to send to the printer. This should at least provide a basis for you to start hacking around with. I am sure there is more than enough stuff in the above-provided Apple docs to accomplish your task.

Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your help and work, Michael! It might still not be 100% what I'm looking for, but it's a start, thank you! –  Johannes Fahrenkrug Aug 9 '12 at 21:24

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